Might actually be around today, but who knows. Just remember that I haven’t forgotten about what I owe and whatnot. c:


lmao let’s play a game called i was gonna reply to your starter but twenty other people already replied and they were quality

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                              And I’ve come to the
              bitter realization that not even I’m safe from

Damn, my inactivity is causing me to lose followers. :/ I am still around, just lurk-y. I am also slowly working on longer drafts. 

My work schedule, family things, and Pokemon Y have been keeping me from being productive here, but I will be back in full force v soon! c:

psa; also if u ship your character with mine you’re going to have to come out and tell me straight up because i will not know like ever, because i cannot read the signs and even if i ship them and u know i do, u have to reasure me you do too or nothings ever going to happen, ever

    { it’s a lot E A S I E R
       to keep your guard
       up & say
                                    —— ‘I don’t care,
                                                    I don’t care,
                                                             I don’t care…’ }

                                                          i | ii | iii | iv | v 

Finally got a copy of the new Pokemon game, so I’ve been doing that lately! I have two long drafts I need to get out, and plot with some people, so I will be doing that for now. c:



don’t fucking steal other people’s fucking headcanons

even better

don’t fucking steal other people’s headcanons and then accuse them of stealing yours

you u s e l e s s piece of t R A S H